Monday, November 28, 2016

Should I Get a Home Inspection If Buying a Property “As Is”?

Should I Get a Home Inspection If Buying a Property “As Is”?
At HomeSpec of Colorado, we often get asked, should I get a home inspection if buying a property "as is"? The answer is simple. YES, you should get a home inspection in this situation. For starters, as is tells you right up front that the property is not exactly in perfect condition. It’s always best to get an expert's opinion on what as is entails so that you know what you’re getting into and if your budget can handle it.

The Value of Home Inspection

By working with a professional home inspector, you’ll have a trained eye that sees exactly what’s out of place and not quite right with a home and its surroundings, inside and out. While you may initially be getting a great deal on the overall price of the home, a thorough home inspection can give you, even more, negotiating power if we find some areas that need attention or repairs.
The team at HomeSpec takes as is condition very seriously. We follow strict standards established by the InterNACHI association that protects you, the homeowner. We will check the entire property from top to bottom, the roof and attic all the way down to the basement. We’ll look for outdated plumbing, HVAC and electrical. Our inspectors will check the condition and efficiency of your doors and windows. We can spot water, fire and termite damage, even provide radon and carbon monoxide testing.

Take Steps to Protect Yourself

Beyond wondering should I get a home inspection if buying a property as is, you should take steps to protect yourself. Start by asking the seller for a written disclosure if you decide to go forward with buying the property. This disclosure gives you an agreement about the condition of the property in writing and will provide some protections down the line if needed.
Remember, not every seller is on the up and up and some will lie just to make the sale. This is not the kind of business dealings you want. A home inspector can guide you on what to do if a situation arises where a seller has been dishonest. You may have reason to hold the seller liable for misrepresentation.

Also, be sure to check out the website for the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. You’ll find valuable information on your rights as a home buyer and the strict standards that are put forward and followed by all its members. You can never return a home once you have purchased it, so always be thorough and attentive to the details.

Always Work with the Pros

At HomeSpec, we know the stresses of buying any home, whether it’s your first time or not. Don't get left out in the cold as a homebuyer when all it takes is an honest company like HomeSpec to walk you through the process with a thorough and complete home inspection. Protect yourself, your new home, and avoid that nagging feeling that you should have done your due diligence in the matter.

Since 1999, HomeSpec of Colorado has completed nearly 9,000 home inspections and counting. If you’re asking yourself should I get a home inspection if buying a property as is – get in touch with our friendly professionals. We’re here to help! Call or contact us today for more information.