Thursday, June 30, 2016

Real Estate Home Inspection

Are you at that point where you need a real estate home inspection? HomeSpec can help, we deal with all types of real estate home inspection services for townhomes, light commercial properties, warranties, pre-purchase, new construction, multi-unit complexes, condominiums and more. We inspect for interior issues, exterior, water damage or leaks, mold, roofs, basements and just about everything else. HomeSpec gives you fast results with documentation and proper advice. Nowhere else will you get all the facts you need and want, quickly and affordably.

A real estate home inspection performed by a qualified, certified and bonded company like HomeSpec is all you need to get to the next level. Since 1999 people have been using HomeSpec because of their honesty and knowledge of inspections. With over 8900 satisfied customers and counting, it is little wonder people choose HomeSpec first and foremost. Be sure to view the home plan on the web page to learn ways to keep your home safe from toxins and preventative maintenance to avoid costly bills. HomeSpec will help every step of the way and serves the entire metro Denver area with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since 2011. Call today for a quote and talk to the experts at HomeSpec.

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