Friday, June 3, 2016

Home Inspection

Home inspection is our game at HomeSpec. We are two brothers who founded the company back in 1999, and since then we have been providing quality home inspection for all our customers from first time home buyers to large real estate inspections and more. A home inspection is an objective and professional view of a home or purchase that you will be making which gives you valuable information about the structure and general condition the home is in to avoid potential problems in the future. At HomeSpec, we are thorough in all our inspections and provide you with all the documentation, photos and pros and cons of your purchase. We even invite you to come along and ask questions on the home inspection.

HomeSpec is bonded, insured and certified through NACHI. Our focus specializes in single family townhomes and condos, pre-purchase, new construction, warranty inspection, light commercial properties and more. We inspect for virtually everything from mildew, radon, combustible gasses, interiors, exteriors, roofs, basements, water damage and the list goes on. HomeSpec looks forward to helping you get a fast, affordable and approved home inspection today. Ask us how we can help make all your inspections go smoothly at HomeSpec.

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