Thursday, June 9, 2016

Certified Home Inspection Services

At HomeSpec, our certified home inspection services include all the basics and beyond. We don't leave anything behind when we inspect our client's real estate needs. Certified home inspection services are an important part of the equation when you are purchasing a new home or business and HomeSpec can help from start to finish by providing you with complete documentation, photos, and our seal of approval. We inspect for mildew, water damage, leaks, radon, carbon monoxide, structural damage, basement dwellings, roofs and so much more. HomeSpec will answer all your questions and concerns and invite you along for the walk through.

HomeSpec has over 8900 satisfied clients and we are always striving to do better for our customers by giving an honest and reliable approach to their business matters at hand. People trust our certified home inspection services because of our no-nonsense attitude and quick response. We inspect everything from duplexes, townhomes, office buildings, multi-unit complexes and more. We are bonded and insured and have been doing it right since 1999. We also provide a home plan on our web page to help keep your home and family in a state of safety in case of emergencies. Call HomeSpec today for great advice and more.

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