Thursday, June 30, 2016

Real Estate Home Inspection

Are you at that point where you need a real estate home inspection? HomeSpec can help, we deal with all types of real estate home inspection services for townhomes, light commercial properties, warranties, pre-purchase, new construction, multi-unit complexes, condominiums and more. We inspect for interior issues, exterior, water damage or leaks, mold, roofs, basements and just about everything else. HomeSpec gives you fast results with documentation and proper advice. Nowhere else will you get all the facts you need and want, quickly and affordably.

A real estate home inspection performed by a qualified, certified and bonded company like HomeSpec is all you need to get to the next level. Since 1999 people have been using HomeSpec because of their honesty and knowledge of inspections. With over 8900 satisfied customers and counting, it is little wonder people choose HomeSpec first and foremost. Be sure to view the home plan on the web page to learn ways to keep your home safe from toxins and preventative maintenance to avoid costly bills. HomeSpec will help every step of the way and serves the entire metro Denver area with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since 2011. Call today for a quote and talk to the experts at HomeSpec.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mold Inspection Services

Mold can be an extremely hazardous invader to your home and the health of your family, especially the elderly, young and those with respiratory issues. At HomeSpec, our mold inspection services are meticulous and guaranteed. We offer allergen testing, mold detection, moisture testing and leak detection. We are the only certified professionals to call upon when you suspect mold. From there we will then have all our findings tested at the lab and give you accurate readings and advice on what to do next. Visible mold will be analyzed and spores will be tested to ensure complete removal of the problem.

HomeSpec knows how important it is to have a healthy home free of toxic substances, water damage and moisture and our professional team is here to provide you with the best results, documentation, photos and seal of approval. Follow our home safe plan online as well which can save you lots of money in the future and keep your family safe. Since 1999 we have been giving home inspections, mold inspection services and great advise when buying a new home or place of business. Over 8900 satisfied customers have walked through our doors and that number is rising. Use our mold inspection services today and stay safe from harmful bacteria.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Home Inspection Warranty Service

Let a HomeSpec inspector give you a complete home inspection warranty service before you buy. This will include such things as an examination of the homes structure, electrical and general mechanics of the home. Have a certified, bonded and insured inspector from HomeSpec make sure your home was built to code and standard so there are no surprises in the end. Our home inspection warranty service will come with complete papers, photos, documentation and advice on the next steps. You may participate in the inspection and are encouraged to ask questions along the way.

HomeSpec is a valued company that has been around many years, is family owned and operated and guarantees your satisfaction. We also offer unlimited phone consultation for as long as you own or live on the inspected property. We check heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, exterior, interior, roof, structural issues and the list goes on. Our high-tech equipment will test for harmful toxins such as radon, combustible gasses, mildew and carbon monoxide. Since 1999 our clients have made the right choice in choosing us for their home inspection warranty service and inspection needs in general. So whether you have new construction, light commercials properties or a large real estate endeavor, we should be your first choice.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Certified Home Inspection Services

At HomeSpec, our certified home inspection services include all the basics and beyond. We don't leave anything behind when we inspect our client's real estate needs. Certified home inspection services are an important part of the equation when you are purchasing a new home or business and HomeSpec can help from start to finish by providing you with complete documentation, photos, and our seal of approval. We inspect for mildew, water damage, leaks, radon, carbon monoxide, structural damage, basement dwellings, roofs and so much more. HomeSpec will answer all your questions and concerns and invite you along for the walk through.

HomeSpec has over 8900 satisfied clients and we are always striving to do better for our customers by giving an honest and reliable approach to their business matters at hand. People trust our certified home inspection services because of our no-nonsense attitude and quick response. We inspect everything from duplexes, townhomes, office buildings, multi-unit complexes and more. We are bonded and insured and have been doing it right since 1999. We also provide a home plan on our web page to help keep your home and family in a state of safety in case of emergencies. Call HomeSpec today for great advice and more.

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Friday, June 3, 2016

Home Inspection

Home inspection is our game at HomeSpec. We are two brothers who founded the company back in 1999, and since then we have been providing quality home inspection for all our customers from first time home buyers to large real estate inspections and more. A home inspection is an objective and professional view of a home or purchase that you will be making which gives you valuable information about the structure and general condition the home is in to avoid potential problems in the future. At HomeSpec, we are thorough in all our inspections and provide you with all the documentation, photos and pros and cons of your purchase. We even invite you to come along and ask questions on the home inspection.

HomeSpec is bonded, insured and certified through NACHI. Our focus specializes in single family townhomes and condos, pre-purchase, new construction, warranty inspection, light commercial properties and more. We inspect for virtually everything from mildew, radon, combustible gasses, interiors, exteriors, roofs, basements, water damage and the list goes on. HomeSpec looks forward to helping you get a fast, affordable and approved home inspection today. Ask us how we can help make all your inspections go smoothly at HomeSpec.

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