Saturday, April 9, 2016

Home Inspection Warranty Service

Most new homes come with a standard home inspection warranty service, so be sure yours is not soon to expire. Give HomeSpec a call today to ensure that your home inspection warranty service has been scheduled and we can ensure that everything is up to par including code standards and contractor mistakes. After all we are only human and mistakes can occur but can be avoided with a home inspection warranty service provided by HomeSpec. We look forward to the opportunity to help out in any and all matters concerning your home or business.

At HomeSpec we have over 8900 home inspections under our belts and that number is growing rapidly. We inspect everything from toxic substances, mildew, gases, basements, roofs and more. Our family run business has made us an important part in the safety of people's real estate transactions because people trust in us. At Home Spec your home inspection comes with all the proper documentation, stamps of approval and photos to ensure everything is up to par. There is no need to worry about the details when Home Spec is on your side. Leave it to us to provide everything you need for the next level. Call us today for a quote.