Thursday, July 9, 2015

Denver Real Estate Inspector

HomeSpec is your Denver real estate inspector for all business negotiations small or large. Our real estate inspector will provide you with all the documentation you will need for approval as well as photos to showcase the whole process. We are a family based business that gives back what our loyal customers give to us when we perform a real estate inspection. We care about safety in the home and our real estate inspector will ensure a safe environment, guaranteed. We inspect for toxic substances such as radon, carbon monoxide, combustible gases and mildew and more. Nothing will go undetected or overlooked.

Give HomeSpec a call today and let us walk you through the details of what you should expect from your real estate inspector. We encourage our clients to walk through the process with us to benefit entirely from the experience and we are certain you will be pleased with our no nonsense attitude, professionalism and completeness. Since 1999 we have been doing it right for the good people of Denver and we want you to be part of that equation. HomeSpec has valuable information on our website that is informative and helpful in keeping your home a safe place. Be sure to take a moment to browse through it.

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