Saturday, January 3, 2015

Denver Home Inspection

For a Denver home inspection that offers you more of what you expect such as complete documentation, photos, a thorough evaluation and the chance for you to walk through the whole entire process with the inspector, call HomeSpec today. Our certified home inspection and inspectors are the most professional people in the industry and the Denver area with years of experience and most importantly an honest and caring attitude. We cover all the basics and even the not so basics such as basement dwellings, fireplaces, water damage, structural areas, radon, carbon monoxide, combustible gases and much, much more. Be sure to check out the large list of what we inspect online for your complete information.

At HomeSpec it is definitely worth the time you take to ensure that your home inspection is done right with all the paperwork and everything in order to prevent future disappointments in your real estate dealings. We help you every step of the way and encourage your questions and concerns. Call us today for a warranty inspection, commercial inspection, residential or otherwise, we do it all, with you in mind. We look forward to your call.