Thursday, October 9, 2014

Denver Real Estate Inspector

Have you been looking for a trustworthy Denver real estate inspector that is reliable and knowledgeable in all aspects of home inspections? At HomeSpec, we know the value of a great real estate inspector, because we have been doing this for many years, and our satisfied customers are proof of the outstanding work our real estate inspectors give on a daily basis. We do not leave anything in your home or building un inspected. You get complete documentation, along with photos, and certifications to ensure that your real estate inspection is complete in every way.

HomeSpec is certified, bonded, and members of the NACHI. We inspect for harmful and toxic substances such as radon, carbon monoxide, combustible gas, and mildew, and we inspect every corner of your building for structural issues as well, in basements, cellars, roofs, etc. You will not get a more thorough and complete inspection anywhere else, than right here at HomeSpec. Have a look online at some of the ways we can help you make your home a much safer place to live, and save you money as well. Give us a call today, and book your next inspection with one of our qualified real estate inspectors.