Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Real Estate Inspection Denver

When you need a real estate inspection in Denver, we have you covered at HomeSpec. We can test your home for all toxic materials such as Radon, Carbon Monoxide, Mildew, and Combustible Gases. We also inspect for structural problems with basements, roofs, patios, foundations, plumbing, electrical, you name it, we have probably inspected it. We know the value of trust and honesty at HomeSpec, and our real estate inspections are thorough, accurate, and documented to the best of our ability. We even suggest you come along on the inspection to ask any questions or concerns you may have with your new purchase.

HomeSpec has been serving the Denver area for many years, and our customers are growing in large numbers, all because of your great referrals, and our superb customer satisfaction that we give every day. We look forward to making your home a safe and secure place for your family. Check out our webpage for valuable ways to save money and keep your home protected and safe with our Home Plan. Now you know how important a real estate inspection is, and we are the only place to get that job done.