Monday, March 3, 2014

Denver Home Inspections

If you’re looking for a building inspector in Colorado, Home Spec is an excellent company to choose in for Denver home inspections. Our detailed home inspection reports will give you the full picture of the condition of the home so you have the knowledge and information you deserve, right from the start.

See a full list of our home inspection services and all of the various parts that we check on one of our standard home inspections. The list is long but it covers any and all aspects of the home so that there’s nothing remaining hidden for surprises later. You’ll be glad you had the most thorough home inspection services available in Denver after calling us at Home Spec this year.

We provide the home inspection report printed out with photos as well as the most thorough phone consultation services available for all of our home inspection clients in Denver. We want our clients to feel helped and have the information they need. Our quality standard is high, so you can count on the team of home inspectors at Home Spec for honest and thorough home inspection services. Call or contact us today!