Thursday, January 30, 2014

Home Inspection Colorado

Call the team at Home Spec for all types of home inspection in Colorado. We will cover all the bases, inspecting every part of the home including the structure, foundations, bearing beams, wall framing, floor framing, roof framing, crawl spaces, columns, concrete, firewalls, moisture indicators, exterior, grading, drainage, siding, windows, doors, paint, electric, plumbing, sidewalks, driveways, slab decks, caulking flashings, fascia, garage, masonry, vegetation, roof, roof covering, flashings, chimneys, ventilations, skylights, gutters, downspouts, roof surface, attic, plumbing, main supply, supply lines drains, sinks, tubs, faucets, water heater, CO testing, whirlpools, sump pumps, vents, electrical, panels, sub-panels, branch wiring, receptacles, switches, lights,  meters, overhead wiring, grounding, GFCI and ACFI devices, smoke detectors, heating and air conditions, CO testing on heat exchanger, check for gas leaks, general condition, air exchanges, ducts, vents, filters, AC compressor, draft, boiler, combustibles clearance, condensation, controls, flue, blower, interior, water stains, cracking setting, windows doors, door walls, ceilings, floors, electric, plumbing , floor coverings, garage door openings, guardrails, handrails, all basic home structures, combustible gas, carbon monoxide, mold inspections, radon measurement, and whatever else is necessary.

We do home inspection right at Home Spec each and every time we provide home inspection services in Colorado. You can rest assured that our team of knowledgeable home inspectors will completely address any and all issues with a full report showing pictures for ease of use. In addition, we provide phone consultation services, which has proved to be exceptionally helpful to our clients over the years. Contact us today to schedule our home inspection service.