Saturday, December 14, 2013

Residential Home Inspection Denver

There are many different residential home inspection services in Denver.  For all your residential home inspections in Denver hire just one.  Home Spec performs residential home inspections in Denver for all your inspection needs.   They perform all kinds of different residential home inspections in Denver. Home Spec provides inspections services for residential and commercial properties for interiors and exteriors from foundations to roofs …you name it, they can inspect it.  They also have radon mold, and carbon monoxide inspections covered as well. 

Home Spec of Colorado can look at your wall framing and be able to know if it was done adequate and to code. For plumbing project you are working on, they can give you the assurance if you have plumed it correctly.  They can inspect the work you have done by a private contractor so you can be satisfied you are getting what you paid for.

As a qualified residential home inspection service in Denver, Home Spec of Colorado has the experience of having done over 8,500 inspections; a residential home inspection company in Denver with this kind of experience is invaluable when you are about to purchase a new home.

For all your residential home inspection needs in Denver call the experts at Home Spec of Colorado.