Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mold Inspection Denver

Do you smell that musty moldy smell in your home ever since we had the rains this summer? You will need to get a mold inspection in Denver to determine if you have water damage that has created a mold problem. Living in a home with mold can affect your health. It is important to find the cause of the mold and get it fixed. To start, you must first have a mold inspection by a professional home inspection company. Home Spec of Colorado, Inc. is qualified to perform a complete mold inspection for your Denver home

We are qualified to inspect, find, and give recommendations for elimination of mold if found in your home. Mold may not be visible. It could be hiding in the walls or other concealed places. It really takes an expert to fully investigate the existence of mold in your home. We provide a complete laboratory report on our findings. Of course, if mold is found, we don’t leave it at that. We recommend a remediation plan to rid your home of the problem. Only after a complete mold inspection can you rest easy that your home is safe or needs action to get it fixed.