Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mold Inspection Denver

No one wants to find mold in our home. If you suspect you do have a mold problem you will need to get the facts by having a mold inspection performed, so you can deal with the problem. HomeSpec of Colorado, Inc. can do exactly that; we can come to your home or business and inspect and test for molds presence in your home. We will do a laboratory analysis and supply you with a complete review of our finding and a laboratory report. We will also give you recommendations for how to repair the problem. This is what you should expect when having a mold inspection in the Denver area performed by a reputable and reliable company. 

We are experienced and certified to complete a mold inspection in your home and have been doing this since 1999. We are two brothers who are determined to inspect your home right and leave you satisfied that you have gotten your money’s worth. We believe that we need to earn your trust. Our reputation is important to us, as is honesty. We want you to be completely satisfied with the service we have provided you. We won’t accept anything less! We are proud of what we do.