Saturday, September 14, 2013

Denver Mold Inspection

Getting a professional Denver mold inspection is important when you discover your home or business has a problem. HomeSpec of Colorado, Inc. is the locally owned and operated company you need to call to come out and take a look at what kind of mold problem you might have. After we have completed your homes mold inspection, we will give you a laboratory analysis of the mold samples taken and a complete review of findings. We also include recommendations for repairs to get rid of the mold problem. 

No one likes to find mold, nor do they like the problems that come along with it. That is why having a qualified mold inspection from HomeSpec is so important. If we discover a problem with mold, we will not leave you hanging. We will give you a full report and provide recommendations on how to get rid of the problem. 

We are two brothers who have been in the inspection business for many years, since 1999, as a matter of fact. We don’t just inspect mold problems; we are a complete inspection company that is qualified to inspect every aspect of your home. We are ready to help you find the answers so you can move on with your project.