Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mold Inspection Denver

Has mold formed in your home or business? A mold inspection in Denver can be competently completed by HomeSpec of Colorado, Inc. Professional mold testing and inspection services for your home or business needs to be performed by an industry-certified and experienced company.

HomeSpec has the expertise to properly conduct mold and allergen sampling, leak detection, moisture testing and mold inspection for you. Our services in the mold inspection arena of expertise include: mold testing of the surfaces and air; indoor allergen testing; leak detection and moisture testing; water damage assessment and mitigation; laboratory analysis of mold samples taken; complete review of findings and laboratory report; and recommendations for repair.

When concerned about mold growing in your home or business, you must protect the health of the occupants. It is essential to have reliable and qualified technician test for mold. A proper mold inspection in Denver is completed by gathering a direct sample by way of Tape Lift or Bulk Sample. It is important to have testing done because removal may cause the mold spore to become airborne. Homespec will make sure that the problem is properly analyzed before any action is taken. Call us to make an appointment so this important process of protecting your home and business can begin.