Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Denver Radon Gas Inspection

It is estimated that many thousands of people die from the effects of radon gas. If you live in Denver, radon gas inspection is a very wise step to take to find out if your residence has a problem. We recommend that your home be tested simply based on the fact that half of the homes in Colorado had radon gas levels that are above the accepted level recommended by the EPA. Frankly, that is quite shocking. Furthermore, Denver radon gas inspection is really important because 95% of Colorado counties have levels above the EPA guidelines. There is no way to tell if your home has the gas because you can’t smell it and you can’t taste it. It is a silent killer.

HomeSpec of Colorado, Inc. is certified to test for radon gas. It is very important that the inspection company you choose has the proper qualifications to test for this deadly gas. It really isn’t something you should leave to anyone but an expert. We also test for mold and carbon monoxide if you suspect your home may have problems with them. We are dedicated to inspecting your home right. We believe doing something right the first time.